LCI Action Plan 2017

Lake Champlain International (LCI) is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization actively involved in shaping the future of Lake Champlain's water and fisheries health for the well-being of the people who depend on it today and tomorrow. To protect, restore, and revitalize Lake Champlain and its communities, LCI educates, advocates, and motivates to ensure that Lake Champlain is swimmable, drinkable, and fishable, understanding that healthy water resources are essential for a healthy economy and a healthy community.

This Action Plan outlines LCI’s priorities resulting in a reliably swimmable, drinkable, fishable Lake Champlain.


Improve Lake Champlain’s Water Health

Reduce and Eliminate Urban Water Pollution Runoff

  • Continue and expand the BLUE® Certification Program, form effective partnerships with local watershed organizations, municipalities, and educational institutions
  • Improve oversight of municipal polluters through engaging local and state officials

Reduce and Eliminate Agricultural Water Pollution Runoff

  • Work with the state and EPA to improve enforcement of agricultural polluters to reduce and prevent nutrient and pesticide runoff
  • Incite public participation and support through increased awareness of issues

Improve Wastewater Treatment Facility & Drinking Water Infrastructure

  • Work collaboratively with municipal, state, and federal governments to increase funding for facilities and implement crucial upgrades
  • Engage the public with infrastructure shortfalls to motivate priority shifts towards clean water

Improve Lake Champlain Tributaries Degradation

  • Work with officials to invest in protecting and restoring our streams and rivers using scientifically proven methods, including designated stream gage funding
  • Work with local and state officials to protect and restore flood plains and corridors

Eliminate Pollution from Recreational Boats

  • Continue Lake Champlain’s only pump-out vessel, Champlain’s Ark, to collect waste from holding tanks that could otherwise be illegally discharged directly into the lake.  A free service.

Improve the public health of Lake Champlain Basin residents and visitors

  • Continue preventing nutrient pollution and toxins, at the sources, from entering our waterways
  • Continue to advocate for the return of natural water currents


Restore Lake Champlain’s Native Fisheries

Improve Fish Passage

  • Remove the Swanton Dam
  • Promote better waterway and aquatic habitat connectivity by educating local and state officials

Reduce Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS)

  • Promote and encourage the most current scientifically accepted sea lamprey control measures
  • Work with regulators to effectively control cormorants
  • Disconnect the Champlain Canal through partnerships, public education, and working collaboratively with state and federal governments   


Strengthen Citizen Involvement through Education & Awareness

Inspire passion for Lake Champlain protection through recreational and educational opportunities

  • Promote Lake Champlain boating, paddling, swimming, birding, shoreline hiking and biking, and other lake recreation through Bobber Bob and innovative programs
  • Host world-class and accessible fishing-related events, including the LCI Father’s Day Derby

Significantly increase youth participation with fishing in the Lake Champlain Basin

  • Host events for underserved youth populations, giving them the opportunity to experience fishing and fresh cooked local food
  • Maintain fishing equipment loan program to more families and school classes
  • Advocate for public access to fishing waters to ensure plentiful fishing opportunities