2nd Annual Fish Chowder Championship

2nd Annual

A great Thank You for all who attended and participated!

with a wonderful range of chowder presented, this year's samples included:
▪ smoked fish ▪ wild foraged ingredients ▪ personally grown ingredients, and
▪ fish straight from the lake that had been swimming mere hours before


Our local amateurs and professionals showed taste, style, and fantastic
support for our local fishery.

Start thinking about next year's recipe - what will your strategy be?

Want to keep supporting clean water, healthy fish, happy people? Come to our

next event : Save the Lake at Groennfell Meadery


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2016 Fish Chowder Championship Official Rules

If you have questions or comments, please call (802) 879-3466.

1. Register in advance online by clicking here. Entry fee is $10 which supports programs and actions working toward clean water, healthy fish, and happy people.

2. Supply the recipe and brand/source for all ingredients on a typed sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper with name, phone, email, and address

3. Entrants must bring two gallons of the finished entry in a working crockpot to Hotel Vermont by 2 pm day of the event.

4. Scoring

     Maximum point total of 15 points 

     Points will be award in the following manner:

     Taste: Maximum score of 5

     Texture: Maximum score of 5

     Ingredients: Maximum Score of 5 
All fish must be from Vermont waters—no exceptions. All other ingredients will be judged with preference given to locally sourced (VT-grown and raised) ingredients. Deductions will apply for eligible ingredients not meeting the preceding criteria.

     Bonus Point:  1 bonus point will be awarded to each recipe that includes only fish caught in the Vermont wild as opposed to local fish purchased at market.

5. Awards for the top three finishers plus special awards for audience favorite and chef having used fish exclusively in her/his recipe caught by herself/himself.

     First Place:          $500
     Second Place:     $200
     Third Place:         $50

6.  All decisions of the organizers—Lake Champlain International, Hotel Vermont, and Vermont Fresh Network—will be considered final.

7. Participants agree to appear in photos and videos with the judges/organizers and to having their images and recipes used in press and future promotions.

8.Participants agree to share their enthusiasm for Lake Champlain and all Vermont waters as food source worthy of protection and restoration efforts.