Classroom Education

The Healthy Waters, Healthy Children program is an educational offering to children and young adults in 4th – undergraduate level classrooms around the Lake Champlain Watershed to educate and inspire students to become stewards of our freshwater resources, thereby motivating locals to care more about health impacts of water, and the health of the environment in which we all live.


This education is imperative for human, economic, and environmental health.  Everyone has heard of Flint, Michigan, but few people know there were 715 drinking water violations in 2015 right here in Vermont.  So far in 2016, there have been a whopping 14 million gallons of raw and combined sewage dumped into Vermont waterways, even flowing across ball-fields, and residential streets.  These municipal threats are matched by nutrient loading from farms, sediment pollution from roads and development, and residential storm-water impacts.

Education and conversation needs to happen on all levels. Lake Champlain International (LCI) is the most vocal proponent of stewardship and conservation action for natural waters, and water infrastructure in the Lake Champlain Basin.  Healthy Waters, Healthy Children is just one branch of our outreach. The executive director personally, educates students on the importance of and elements of safe and healthy waters. He empowers them to take steps around their own homes to be a part of the solutions necessary to ensure the protection of their beaches, their drinking water, and their food. Last, but not least, as a leader in the field himself, he inspires and emboldens children and young adults with the opportunities to become leaders in public and environmental health protection efforts. For as long as there are people, there will be pollution, and our communities will always need leaders to safeguard a natural resource as precious as freshwater.

If you would like to host LCI educators in your science classroom or at an assembly, contact Juliana for more details. 802.879.3466