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LCI is a powerhouse of an organization working tirelessly for clean water, happy fish, and happy people. Their policy and advocacy work reaches out locally, regionally, and nationally with an articulate, thoughtful, timely, and unwavering voice. Vermonters are lucky to have LCI speaking on their behalf.


I have been volunteering with the LCI for the last 10 years. It is through organizations like LCI that make a difference in bringing people and the environment together. I found over the years the the one organization to go to is the LCI. It has the organization to promote environmental issues and help solve the problems.

We recently moved to Vermont and I was lucky enough to get connected with LCI very quickly. They work tirelessly on the various & complex issues which impact the health of Lake Champlain. LCI does a great job both in education and advocacy. I have been impressed with the frequency of their media coverage to help keep lake health in the forefront of everyone's minds. Keep up the good work!

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