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Social Media

Lake Champlain International, Inc. actively participates within social media networks as we strive to stay in touch with those who support our mission as well as further connect with individuals and organizations that enjoy clean water, healthy fish and happy people.

We utilize our social channels to share information regarding our organization, its events, causes and raise awareness for important conservation and environmental issues regarding water quality and other ecological concerns.

We also promote the sport of fishing, angling heritage, as well as interact with local community members and others from around the world that share in our philosophy and goals for a better Lake Champlain and its surrounding watersheds.

In our efforts to promote youth education , Bobber Bob, captain of the LCI Tackle Team and official spokesbobber for LCI's children's conservation education & fishing heritage program, can also be found here on Twitter and Facebook.

We invite you to connect with us on our various social media channels to see what is new at LCI, and thank you for your continued support.

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